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When you want to achieve permanent weight loss, without having to diet ever again.

When you're longing for a healthy and comfortable relation to food and to your body.

When you'd like to enjoy all the things you love to eat and drink, while finding your own ideal body.

How can I get rid of my bad conscience?

Why do I find myself binge eating?

Why do I feel the need to starve myself?

Why do I eat too much and bad food, even though I know it makes me feel bad?

I´m sick of dieting!

Do I have to lose weight first, to receive the "right" guidance from my body?

How can I get this right?

How can I feel better about my body?

How come I don´t lose weight?

I´m so tired of feeling bad about myself and my body! 

Get the guidance and advice you need for your specific questions and issues.

I´ll guide you how to change your approach to food and your body, how you'll gain control over your wellbeing, and how you'll free yourself from thoughts and beliefs that create guilt and low self esteem. 

So that you can eat whatever you'd like and move towards your ideal weight at the same time.

This is not too good to be true.

Whether its about the way you feel about your body or the way you feel about food, the path to change is the same.

By changing your thought pattern and turn those old beliefs that are to your disadvantage, into new ones, you can also expect completely different results.

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Stor kaffekopp med kaffe i, stående på assiette formad som ett hjärta. Båda med kärleksfulla, positiva och goda ord. I koppen står det också Gofika och på assietten, framför koppen, ligger det två chokladtryfflar inslagna i brunt skimrande papper.
Dator, mobiltelefon, anteckningsblock och penna på ett bord i trä


"Listen to your inner voice

Eat & Enjoy

Find your ideal body"

Would you like to find your ideal weight once and for all?

Would you like to free yourself from low self esteem, guilt and the never ending struggle?

Would you rather feel comfortable, free and satisfied, while also being able to eat everything you'd like?

This course will take you through the process of changing your approach to food and to your body. 

Learn how to listen, trust and follow your own, inner guidance.

By taking it step by step, you can reach the place where you too can eat all the things you like, and find your ideal body at the same time.

The course addresses your relationship with food, with your body and exercise. (Not even exercise is necessary in this equation!)

It includes practical exercises on how to let go of old beliefs that no longer serve you, and how to shift or change a specific thought.

The course extends over three weeks, but you can adjust it according to your own comfortable pace. Since its an online course, you can start whenever you'd like.

This provides the opportunity to leave the struggle, the consuming thoughts, the draining energy and the guilt behind, and feel yourself moving from upstream to downstream, when you easily and comfortably follow your new path to your ideal body.



Coming soon!

"Dear Frida"

"What you're writing in the online course is the truth. I can relate to every single piece and it brings a really good feeling when someone puts words to what you've been thinking for a long time.

I´m so happy this course came my way. I can feel all of me changing.

I eat whatever I want, and I'm trying to learn when I'm hungry and what will do good for my body.

I haven't weighed myself and honestly I'm not that interested in hearing what the scale has to say. Its such an incredible liberation in not judging anything I choose to put in my mouth.

Once again, thank you so much for this amazing course!"


I´ll guide you how to change your approach to your body and to food, how to gain control over your wellbeing, how to free yourself from thoughts and beliefs that create guilt and low self esteem.

So that you can eat the things you like, while moving toward your ideal body at the same time.


Time: 45 min




I feel so good!👏

Things have become really good since we spoke. 😊 I'm trying to always be kind to myself even the times when I feel I've eaten too much. 😉

​I'm reading all your nice posts and take it all in and I practice following the energies and what my body is telling me. 😍

I eat the things I'm craving, that includes pizza. I´ve followed different diets all my life 😦 now I've completely let go of that.

I've gone from a size 42 to a size 36 and I'm so satisfied with my new approach to my body.

Have much more energy.

Your posts are amazing. 💖
Many thanks beautiful Frida" 💖


More information coming soon.

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