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Bro som man ser är rundad, så det är lite uppför innan det går nedför igen. Bron leder till vacker skog på andra sidan med texten "You must learn a new way of thinking before you can master a new way to be", vilket är precis vad attraktionslagen och viktminskning handlar om.

Beyond Diets - Embracing the Law of Attraction for Lasting Weight Loss


What does the "Law of Attraction" have to do with weight loss?

Everything is energy in vibration, where like unto itself is drawn.  

Our thoughts are energy as well, which means that whatever thought you're thinking, it’s attracting another one just like it, and another one and another one...


A belief is just a thought you keep thinking.

Our whole lives we've been told what will make us gain weight and what we need to do to become or stay thin. Almost daily we receive information about what's the right and the wrong things to eat, and how to lose weight fast.

Regarding this subject there's no grey area, there are no exceptions or shortcuts, there's only one way to go about it, if we wish to be thin enough. 

According to what we've been observing through life, been surrounded by, what we've embraced in our own lives and finally made our own truths, we've formed the beliefs we hold today.

Since we all have lived very different lives with various circumstances, which translates divergently through our established filters and beliefs, our realities can differ just as much.  


There are beliefs that serve us and there are those that only stand in our way, and now is the time to change those, if you'd like!


The Law of Attraction is the basis of our creation, whether its concerning relationships, money, career or our bodies, and whether we do it deliberately or by default.

I've left the life where I struggled with my weight, with distorted and judgemental thoughts about myself and my body, and with great fear of what food might do to me.

Instead, I've created this life where I can enjoy all the things I like to eat, while also enjoying my ideal body.

My journey has helped me realize that my “results”, the outcome, has nothing to do with my body or the food I'm eating. The only thing that matters, is my state of being, my approach to food and my thoughts and feelings about my body.


In my world there are no shortcuts either. If you want to achieve a lasting result, that actually feels good and aligned from your starting point and all the way to the finish line, you need to start from within.


By getting to know who you truly are, underneath all the data you’ve collected along the way, by embracing all of you and start working with yourself rather than against your own uniqueness, and by releasing old beliefs and habits that no longer serve you, you get to create a life where you can enjoy everything you love and, at the same time, find and maintain your uniquely ideal body!

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